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Meet Us At SPiCE India 2023 – Goa

SPICE India 2023
The biggest iGaming event is back in 2023. Get ready to explore possibilities. Come & meet the Affrise Media team at SPice India 2023, Goa.

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For all the iGaming enthusiasts and stakeholders, this year, the 4th edition of the Strategic Platform For iGaming Conference & Exhibition (SPiCE) is organized in Goa, India. The event will bring industry experts, stakeholders, business owners, and enthusiasts together on a platform. 

Grab the chance to get insights on the trends in the iGaming industry, the Indian government’s stance on the regulation of the industry, what might happen post-regulation, and the challenges and opportunities that may arise for the industry.

Come join us:  Affrise Media
Date: 1st March 2023
Location: Marriott Resort & Spa, Goa
Time: 12:30 to 17:15

Why should you join the event ?

If you’re skeptical about participating in this event, here are some points you should consider before arriving at a decision.

  • Opportunity to gain insights into the industry

You may not get a better opportunity to learn more about the iGaming industry other than this. It could be your chance to expand your horizon in the industry and gain new experiences.

  • Networking opportunities

An iGaming conference like SPiCE is a chance for you to network with industry leaders, enthusiasts, & stakeholders. You’ll get a chance to share ideas with the leaders & make meaningful connections. 

  • Brand Awareness

If you’re a business owner and want to expand in the industry, this event could be a golden opportunity for you to increase the awareness of your brand and network with the right people.

  • Personal & Professional Development

Events & conferences are not just a chance to network, build relationships, or promote your brand, but they’re also a chance to grow personally. While attending these conferences, you get a chance to observe others, their way of talking & presenting, and learn from their knowledge which helps you grow personally and professionally.

  • Meet Us

Yeah, SPiCE India is a chance for us to meet and form a meaningful connection, exchange ideas, and grow together. Also, it could be our chance to form business alliances that’d benefit both of us.

Arpit Chouhan

Arpit Chouhan 

Founder & Director 

Anuj Batheja

Anuj Batheja

VP – Marketing

Ankush Chouhan

Ankush Chouhan 

Sr. Executive – Client Servicing

Come explore the iGaming industry at SPiCE India and experience fun & knowledge like no other. And don’t forget to meet the Affrise Media team, we’ll be waiting for you!

SPICE India 2023

Meet Us At SPiCE India 2023 – Goa

The biggest iGaming event is back in 2023. Get ready to explore possibilities. Come & meet the Affrise Media team at SPice India 2023, Goa.

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