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Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked about what we exactly do. Here are some FAQs answered. 

You can email us at [email protected] for further queries.

We are India’s premier worldwide affiliate network. We specialize in executing performance and ROI-driven campaigns on desktop and mobile globally.

A publisher agrees to adhere to their terms and conditions by joining us. We do not discriminate based on the country. Publishers from all over the world are welcome to join our affiliate network.

Affrise Media was founded in 2020 by an Indian digital marketer. We are an emerging affiliate network with 100+ registered advertisers and  200+ publishers worldwide. Our mission is to deliver the best marketing solutions and measurable results to clients.

We usually take 1-2 business days to screen new publisher applications. The response time may vary depending on the volume of applications to be reviewed. You can email us at [email protected] for further queries. 

There is absolutely no cost/joining fee/setup fee to join Affrise Media as a publisher or advertiser.    

Affrise Media pays publishers in a 45-day cycle.  Typically, payments are sent on the 20th of each month for commissions earned during the corresponding performance period. For example- results generated during January will be paid in the third week of March.

You only need to submit your PAN Card & Invoice forms to process payments.

The minimum threshold for payment is Rs. 1,000. If your earnings are less than that in a month, your commissions will automatically roll over to the next.   

Publishers and advertisers worldwide are stretching their wings as wide as possible in affiliate marketing. Affrise Media offers great opportunities to these businesses to expand globally, making their mark in new markets. Being India’s premier affiliate network, Affrise Media specializes in executing ROI-driven campaigns on desktop and mobile, globally. It is currently associated with 200+ publishers, worldwide.

Affiliate network marketing is a medium to provide a platform to promote advertisers’ products and sales; wherein commission is earned from the generated sale. Affiliate networks like Affrise Media provide account management, strategy, and technology to the advertisers/publishers and position themselves as a trusted partner to advertisers/publishers and the audience.

In an affiliate program, one specific advertiser shares access to their tools to promote their products and services, including banners, images, product details, and offers. They also provide you with unique tracking links so that publishers get fair payment for the promotional activities that they run. 

On the other hand, an affiliate network is a company that has a variety of affiliate programs that multiple account managers handle. They also provide insights and strategies to the advertisers and publishers while facilitating payment and tracking reports with the help of the technical team. Here, affiliate networks are trusted partners for providing quality campaigns to all the brands and affiliates.

In affiliate marketing, cookies are the mechanism that helps a network to understand the user click time and sale for the advertiser’s brand. It is a javascript code sent from a website that stores information on users’ devices and tracks it while they browse. 

When a user clicks an affiliate link, the cookie automatically gets dropped on their browser. Once the user purchases a product from the advertiser’s site, Affrise Media’s tracking code fires from the order confirmation page and records the conversion in their interface. Similarly, affiliate networks keep track of their publishers through their unique publisher ID. These IDs are used for tracking cookies to record which publisher converted more sales. 

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective method that connects you with professional marketers who promote your products to new and relevant audiences. The best part is that you only need to pay when there’s a sale. Payments are made on a commission basis per conversion. It also saves your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Affiliate networks earn by charging fees to their clients (i.e., advertisers/brands). The fee is a percentage of each sale on the program agreed upon by the advertisers. 

Earning money through affiliate marketing is very simple. All you need to do is promote the advertiser’s products and services through a unique publisher ID link provided by an affiliate network to track your sales.

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